This last year’s Super Bowl showed what a team can do.


I think this last year’s Super Bowl showed what a team can do.  The Saints got off to a fast start and were undefeated for a while.  You know, when you lose that first game you want to make sure it’s not the playoffs.  I think when they lost to the Cowboys, they really learned a lot about the things they had to do to improve, especially in the big games – and it paid off in the play-offs.  The Saints took some chances and gambled on defense and made some big plays, both against the Vikings and Colts. It showed that they are a very well-coached team. Obviously, the two plays in the second half made the difference – the onside kick and the interception.  The Saints saw an opportunity from the Colts film and capitalized on it.  Then that interception…When Tracy Porter saw Reggie Wayne break inside, he anticipated that they were going for the quick first down.  As soon as Peyton started to throw the ball, Porter jumped the route in time for the interception.  When he did that, it was just perfect timing.  Overall, just a great game!

This Super Bowl was played by two well-versed teams that were led by quarterbacks who play as good a game as any quarterbacks have ever played in the NFL – and they are also great people.  The atmosphere, before and after the game, was about how Drew and the team relate to the City of New Orleans.  When the Cowboys won the Super Bowl, I think Dallas was really proud, but there is something special about what’s taken place in New Orleans.  With all that New Orleans has been through, it’s really satisfying to see how they have come back as a community.  It is great to see how the city has supported the Saints – and to see how the Saints have supported New Orleans.

The story of this Super Bowl is going to be about how the win is for New Orleans, not just being in the Super Bowl for the first time, but winning it.  It is really such a great thing for the City to have this win after all they have been through.  Both Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are strong representatives of their cities as well as of their teams.  I was caught in the middle of who to root for because I have known the Manning family forever.  Archie and I were contemporaries and I met the kids when they were in high school, so I was caught with mixed emotions.  But the way it turned out with New Orleans was great.  I bet probably even the Colts fans had a feeling inside that said, “Hey listen, if we’re going to lose to somebody, let’s lose to them.”

This past weekend’s NBA All-Star game is an indication of what the new Stadium will mean for North Texas – over 100,000 fans in the stadium with all that excitement just shows what we have to look forward to next year.


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