“Take Me Out to the Ball Game”


Last week I was talking about the great quarterbacks who played in the Super Bowl this year and I got to thinking about how long I have known Drew Brees. I met him when our company – still The Staubach Company back then – had a baseball event at Wrigley Field. We had leased a box and brought a number of our clients to the game. When the stadium staff heard our firm was leasing the box, and that I was going to be at the game, they gave me a tour of the stadium.

As I was touring the stadium, they were also giving a tour to a young quarterback from Purdue named Drew Brees and the beautiful blonde he was dating (and would later marry). Drew and I met up in the locker room and chatted a bit about football. I asked him if he wanted to sing the 7th inning stretch with me. (Harry Carrey used to sing the 7th Inning Stretch for the Chicago Cubs, so since he died they have had celebrities do it.) The woman from Wrigley Field that was touring us around pulled me off to the side and asked, “Hey, you want to do that by yourself…don’t ya?” I told her I didn’t want to do it at all − I can’t sing. So I told Drew I needed someone else to help take the blame for the bad singing. He said he would love to do it so Drew and I sang “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” together.

When I was in Miami for the Super Bowl a couple weeks back, I met Brittany Brees, and she asked me if I remembered meeting her at Wrigley Field. I said, “Golly Brittany, I was hoping you would remember me.


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