I still put myself in their shoes


People ask me when I watch a game like this past Super Bowl, if I still see myself and think about what I would have done.   Well, I do look back and compare because when I was playing I had a chance to be 4-0 in Super Bowls but I was 2-2.  The game in Miami, to me, was a little like when we played Pittsburgh.  I would always go back and look at the play I could have made that would have made a difference, and of course we were playing a really good team. I’m sure Peyton is going back, too.  It’s such a big game and it’s the game that people remember.  It defines your career. I still put myself in these guys’ shoes.  The winners are going to remember the game forever just as I remember – and fortunately we won.  No one can ever take that first Super Bowl away from you.  I can put myself in Peyton’s shoes and commiserate.  During the playoffs I saw the same thing; Favre had a chance to run for 5 or 7 yards and give their team a chance to win with a field goal.  He decided to gamble and throw the ball across the field.  There are a number of Super Bowl plays that haunt me that would have made a difference between winning and losing.  Those kinds of plays will stick with you forever. 

This weekend markes the first show of the Host Committee’s Kick-Off Concert Series where Faith Hill will be performing out at Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth. We will have Sting in Dallas at the AT&T Performing Arts Center on May 22nd and another great concert out at the new stadium on September 10th.  I am missing my company’s award ceremony that night to see the show but it will be a great event and I know the clients who are joining me are looking forward to it.


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