All Super Bowls are not created equal


Notes from our researcher, Steve Triolet
This week, our company is hosting a 1,000 person conference in Florida for three days.  I wonder if having the Super Bowl in Miami this year influenced our decision to take our team to the sunny state. Are room rates cheaper after the Big Game?  

Consider how the North Texas Super Bowl will compare to Super Bowls of years’ past when it comes to economic impact.  Let’s face it, North Texas is not on the top ten list of tourist destinations in February.  Where we typically have mild winters in comparison to most of the United States, we’re not an ocean-front Metroplex.  In short, sunny beach-front areas are much more popular as a travel destination.  What this means economically speaking is that North Texas will experience a far greater impact than previous Super Bowls which where destination-centric, like South Florida or San Diego.  Part of the reasoning behind this is Displacement Theory.  In simplified terms, Displacement Theory is the principal that if you’re merely substituting one tourist going to the Super Bowl for another that would have already been there, the economic impact is negligible.  For example, Miami-Dade county reported sales tax revenue of $5.19 million in February 2006 compared to $5.82 million in February 2007.  By this metric, the Super Bowl increased the tax revenue by approximately 11 percent.  This was just one county; Broward County, which was also directly impacted, showed a similar increase.

Next week we will delve deeper into hotel occupancy and room rates to see how the Big Game brings big cash to the host community.


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