My predictions for next year


It’s going to be a whole year of excitement! The Cowboys are right in the heart of it with Minnesota, New Orleans and Green Bay.  There will be 5 or 6 teams at the start of the year that look like they could go all the way and any one of them could go to the Super Bowl.  I think Dallas is going to be one of those teams.  Because the game will be here, we are going to know that every Cowboy game is going to have an impact on the prediction of going to the playoffs and winning the Super Bowl.  That would be fun for us here because we really do have a good home team.  Last year, Miami was a decent team; they had been to the playoffs the year before, but they were pretty well out of the running in the beginning when they went 0-3.

There’s never been a home team that has actually played in their stadium; not in 45 years.  The opportunities have been there for Miami 10 times, and of course New Orleans has had 7 Super Bowls, but for next year, this looks to be the closest we might come to having a team with the potential to be in their home stadium.  That will be a great part of the whole thing as the year goes forward.  Last year, they were written off in the middle of the year, but they turned it around.  I think next season the Cowboys will be strong ’till the end.


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