Fond memories of Texas Stadium


I was feeling nostalgic about the old Texas Stadium coming down this week.  I have so many great memories of games played and games watched in that stadium. It definitely had that end of an era feeling. I played my first game with the Cowboys the year the stadium was built.

Here is the link to the implosion video.

But, the new stadium is really something.  It’s hard to take it all in – from the floors on up everything is first class.  It is really over the top.  They even have a wine bar.  You have to be there to appreciate it, and no other stadium compares.  The old Cowboy stadium was small compared to the new one – the new one is almost 2 ½ million square feet. The video screen in this stadium cost $40 million alone, where the whole of the old Texas Stadium was built with $30 million.

The real question for the fans is, how important will this new stadium be to the Cowboys? It’s the same 100 yard field; but it’s definitely a positive advantage.  When the roof is closed it is really loud, and that is a home field advantage for the Cowboys.



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