The Super Bowl is about inclusion


Notes from our researcher, Steve Triolet
Here at Jones Lang LaSalle, diversity is a major initiative of the company—not just hiring the best and brightest but also promoting an environment where our workforce reflects the wide diversity of our clients across the globe.  What does this have to do with the Super Bowl?  Well, a large percentage of the contracts awarded for the big game go to minority owned businesses.  The program is called the NFL’s Emerging Business Program and in Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa Bay, for example, approximately $4 million in contracts were awarded to 130 local businesses that were minority or women owned.  This active promotion of diversity is something to which the NFL and Jones Lang LaSalle are both committed.

One of Jones Lang LaSalle’s ambassadors of diversity is our Chairman of the Board, Sheila Penrose.  She recently made headlines for diversity in business in the March/April issue of Diversity Executive magazine, where she discussed the benefits of having a diversity and inclusion strategy as a core value of an organization.  In the article, Sheila notes that the diversity of Jones Lang LaSalle’s board members is one example of our company’s commitment to looking more like our global employee and client base.  In her words, “You have to focus on diversity as a priority and commit to it until you succeed.”


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