What’s in store for the old Texas Stadium?


I was just a kid when my dad was tossing around touchdowns.  Most of my memories are tied to Troy Aikman when it comes to Texas Stadium quarterbacks, but as a spectator, I had the pleasure of enjoying countless games sitting beside my dad. Later in its life, Texas Stadium made memories for my son as well.  He was now the one holding his dad’s hand, walking through the same turnstiles, sitting in the same seats I did.  The old stadium might be gone, but we won’t forget the wins and losses. 

So now that Texas Stadium is gone, the next question becomes, what will happen to the old site?  It’s a premium location with three major freeways and average daily traffic counts of over 900,000 vehicles per day.  The 80-acre site would be well suited for a number of potential uses, but currently there are no formal plans or proposals on the table.  The city of Irving has indicated that they’ve received some interest from multiple legitimate developers, but with construction work on the adjacent freeways scheduled to take place over the next eight years, it’s likely that any official announcements on using the site are still years away.

I still haven’t driven by the site, but  I’m sure it will be an odd experience when off to the right I see a pile of rubble instead of the former home to America’s team.



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