How the Super Bowl came to North Texas (part 1)


Back in 2006, Jerry Jones left a message at the house with Marianne.  He asked me to come by his house to visit about something.  The Cowboys were having some pre-Romo quarterback troubles and I thought maybe Jerry saw my passing game at the Ticket Quarterback Challenge.  Looking back I should have known that he was not going to ask me to come out of retirement.   I told him I’d stop by.  We went into his study and he told me they were putting together a bid for the 2011 Super Bowl for North Texas and that I was his choice to chair the Super Bowl Host Committee.  The Bid Committee had already done lots of work to prepare a bid, but they needed a face of the North Texas area. 
I was really taken off guard.  I was very busy with my business – at the time still The Staubach Company – so I asked Jerry if I could have a couple of days to think about it.   Before deciding, I put a call into an old acquaintance from my NASCAR days, Roger Penske.  Roger had been very influential in the bid for the Detroit Super Bowl and had devoted a lot of time to that committee.  I knew I couldn’t devote as much time as Roger Penske had, but the NFL and the Cowboys had been a very important part of my life.  I wanted to support them and knew what the game could mean for North Texas.  So, I said yes and we were off and running.  Check back next week and I will tell you about the bid process.  It was a tough competition and opened my eyes to the value cities gain from hosting the Super Bowl. They really made us jump through hoops to win the bid!


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One Response to “How the Super Bowl came to North Texas (part 1)”

  1. Christina Ramos Says:

    As someone who is very eager to get involved with the Super Bowl bid process and the North Texas Host Committee, these in-depth football insights are exactly what the doctor ordered. Thank you for offering your experiences in such a fun and invigorating manner.

    There is no doubt that your team’s contributions will make an enormous socioeconomic impact on North Texas. Not to mention, you will set the precedent for other Host Committees across the nation. Best of luck with your efforts!

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