How the Super Bowl came to North Texas (part 2)


The Bid Committee put together a great bid for the game, which we were going to present to the 32 NFL owners in Nashville.   Three areas were bidding – Indianapolis, Phoenix, and North Texas.  We figured our biggest competition was Indianapolis, as Phoenix had already won the game for 2008.  Indianapolis was getting their new stadium before North Texas, so we thought that they might have a competitive advantage over us there. 

Going into the meeting I had a script to speak from, and we had a three minute film the committee had put together.  All the other material had already been submitted to the owners.  I started out by telling the owners that, of course, the Super Bowl was very close to my heart – I remember listening to the first Super Bowl on a Navy patrol boat over Armed Forces radio. At that time I didn’t know if I would ever play football again but I told the committee about going on to play for the Dallas Cowboys and making it to four Super Bowls –  we won two, lost two – and they had changed my life.  If we were going to host a Super Bowl in North Texas I wanted it to be the best Super Bowl in history.  I mentioned in my talk that Mr. Rooney of the Pittsburgh Steelers, would vote for us and give me a chance to win my 3rd Super Bowl.

As the voting progressed, Phoenix was eliminated and it was down to North Texas and Indianapolis.  Jerry said it was a contest between big market versus small market; but I am not sure we will ever know all the intricacies of the voting.

Roger Goodell came out and shook my hand as I heard Jerry and the whole Jones family broke into celebration. That’s when I knew we had won.  As we flew back to Dallas, I remember Jerry being so elated that he was dancing in the aisles of his plane to a Johnny Cash CD.  Just picture it!


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  1. tickets for super bowl Says:

    Interesting i never knew how they picked the city for the Super Bowl game.

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