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Walking for a cause

August 30, 2010

This year I’m proud that the American Heart Association asked me to serve as Honorary Chair of the 2010 Start! Heart Walk. Physical fitness has always been such a big influence in my life, and I encourage everyone, including our Jones Lang LaSalle employees to take care of their health by participating in wellness programs. I thought the walk was a great way to combine my interests in fitness with JLL’s passion for community service in Dallas. We’ve put together four teams of walkers to fundraise and combat cardiovascular disease.  Come out and join us for a day of family fun that supports a great cause.

Event Details
September 11, 2010
5K Walk
Victory Park at the American Airlines Center
9:00-11:30 a.m.
Click here to join a team or donate online


The value of teamwork

August 21, 2010

Preseason is in full swing, and I’m thinking back to when I was out at Valley Ranch earlier this summer to do an interview.  Wade Phillips called me over to speak to the team after practice and I was a little shocked.  A bunch of young guys were listening to an old guy on the practice field in 100 degree weather, and I was kind of on the spot for what to tell them.  I felt like the atmosphere reminded me of our 1971 team, so I told them a story about the importance of teamwork; it’s one of the same ones I tell our employees at Jones Lang LaSalle.  We had a great team and had the right things at the beginning of the year, but we got off to a slow start and weren’t really playing together like we should.  Right in the middle of the year we figured it out and started putting our personal agendas secondary to the big agenda and won 10 games in a row…and won the Super Bowl.  I had a few seconds to try and get that message to the players.  It’s important to have the right people in the right places pulling together to make miracles happen.  Then, I walked down the field and started throwing some footballs with Miles Austin.  I had a good time.  I’m really pulling for the Cowboys this year.  Later, I told Marianne that when I was talking with the team I was sure no one was listening.  That night I saw it on the news, and a couple of guys said they listened to Mr. Staubach talk about how we have to pull it together and that’s what we have to do.  And I said, Holy Cow they actually listened.  It’s the beginning of a fun time again.  Everybody is getting ready for the upcoming season, and we want to follow the season in our blog.

Its all about the little guy

August 14, 2010
Words from our guest blogger: Dave Richards – Jones Lang LaSalle
In the NFL, I suited up for eight seasons with four teams and capped my career with one unforgettable experience – the Super Bowl of ’96 as a New England Patriot [we played the Green Bay Packers in New Orleans]. And just like every other player, I had my fair share of highlights, but what I remember most is the noise. NFL fans get loud.  They also buy tickets year after year, wear official team merchandise with pride and eat wings because Troy Aikman is a sponsor. The game wouldn’t be what it is today without the fans – the little guy who writes a check to fund the “Greatest Show on Earth.”
After I retired and started working in commercial real estate, I noticed the same core fundamentals drove the industry because, again, it all comes back to the little guy.  Without clients in the market who write a monthly check, the commercial real estate industry would fail to profit and grow. A good broker, who puts the client first, knows that it takes a true team effort to complete a winning deal in commercial real estate.  And, today, everyone in the business is challenged to act more proactively and offer creative solutions.  To get that done, you can’t always be the quarterback, but you can always be part of a team who changed the game.

Timing is everything

August 5, 2010

In the NFL, teams kick off each season with months of practice and an arsenal of plays in hopes of securing a championship ring, but nothing guarantees a win. Eventually, it all comes down to timing – when to call a timeout, when to run the option and when to go long for a Hail Mary and a shot at greatness. Coaches and players alike recognize that the timing of their decisions can influence the outcome of each game. And, just like football, business decisions made in commercial real estate must be made with the same consideration to market timing and bottom-line results.

Last year, when the economy crashed and many companies were downsizing or filing for bankruptcy, some of our clients preferred to observe from the sidelines. They were worried a wrong decision concerning their commercial space in such an unpredictable market could lead to financial issues. I found that when you arm those same clients with market research, a clear understanding of their situation, and the resources to evaluate and execute a plan – confidence returns and they’re ready to get back in the game. It’s our challenge to identify unique options, save money, exceed expectations and drive every transaction to the end zone. To get transactions done today, you truly have to be on the same team with your client.