Timing is everything


In the NFL, teams kick off each season with months of practice and an arsenal of plays in hopes of securing a championship ring, but nothing guarantees a win. Eventually, it all comes down to timing – when to call a timeout, when to run the option and when to go long for a Hail Mary and a shot at greatness. Coaches and players alike recognize that the timing of their decisions can influence the outcome of each game. And, just like football, business decisions made in commercial real estate must be made with the same consideration to market timing and bottom-line results.

Last year, when the economy crashed and many companies were downsizing or filing for bankruptcy, some of our clients preferred to observe from the sidelines. They were worried a wrong decision concerning their commercial space in such an unpredictable market could lead to financial issues. I found that when you arm those same clients with market research, a clear understanding of their situation, and the resources to evaluate and execute a plan – confidence returns and they’re ready to get back in the game. It’s our challenge to identify unique options, save money, exceed expectations and drive every transaction to the end zone. To get transactions done today, you truly have to be on the same team with your client.



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