Tony’s fan


I’m a big Romo fan and have been for quite a while.  Tony is a big play guy, and you can tell he wants to make plays.  I see him still scrambling when other quarterbacks would have been stopped.  Against the Bears – he threw 51 passes.  Not all were good, but he keeps at it.

People talk about coaching quarterbacks and their style and what works best.  I think you don’t change your DNA as a quarterback; you just get smarter about how you’re doing it.  When I was playing, I ran forward a lot – if I saw the chance for the first down I went for it.  Others scramble more, and there are theories about what works best.   Tony knows what works for him.  Running can be really useful if you know how to use it, and Tony is getting a lot smarter at using it.

I love the Cowboys, and it sure is good to see some other Texas teams doing well.  Good luck to the Rangers on their first ALCS game against the Yankees.



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