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Super Bowl transportation

November 20, 2010
Notes from our researcher, Steve Triolet

No doubt DFW Airport will see a spike in air traffic leading up to the big event.  Based upon the Super Bowl Committee’s research, it’s estimated that 100,000 of the 150,000 – 200,000 visitors expected for the game will arrive by air. Commercial airlines are expected to carry 96,000 passengers into the Metro area and 4,000 are expected to arrive via private jet.  Of the 200,000 visitors DFW can expect, an estimated 65 percent of the Super Bowl attendees are corporate executives and business leaders (majority of which travel from out-of-town).  And that doesn’t even include those who will be coming in on private jets.
North Texas is served by three public transportation trains – DART (Dallas), The T (Fort Worth) and the DCTA (Denton County).  Each line will provide Super Bowl spectators the opportunity to travel to the stadium with the purchase of a special pass.
…and Automobiles
Recently an Arlington city official announced that it will close major thoroughfares near Cowboys Stadium 10 days prior to the Super Bowl.  Starting January 28, the lanes on the south side of Randol Mill Road will be closed through game day. The lanes on the east side of Collins Street will be closed from January 29 through game day. In addition, the two-way traffic will be redirected to the opposite sides of those roads.
But the game day regulations don’t stop there.  Arlington officials have also taken measurements to reduce “ambush marketing” from January 23 through February 7. This will prevent local retailers and restaurants from putting tents up in their parking lots for food-related promotions or selling Cowboys merchandise.
Open for Discussion:
How do you feel about the transportation issues facing the Metro area during the Super Bowl based upon the increase of visitors?  Will you be affected?

The Cowboys see some change

November 10, 2010

Well, the Cowboys are in a tough place.  It was clear they needed to do something, and this will give them an opening to move forward and to build for next year.  Jason Garrett is a great guy, and he now has an opportunity to see if he can become the coach of the future.  I know he has been with them all along, but being head coach is a much different place to be.  We’ll all be rooting for them to get some wins and regain their footing.

At a loss

November 6, 2010

It’s not often that I get to attend three sporting events in one weekend, but last weekend afforded me the opportunity to attend the Rangers game, Navy game and the Cowboys game.  After suffering a loss at all three games, I decided maybe I should avoid the Mavs so I don’t jinx them too.

I also ran into Jerry Jones at a meeting last week after Tony’s injury.  I offered to suit up for the Thanksgiving game if they needed me.  I’ll just wait for that phone call.