All about the discipline


In my 30-plus years in our business, we’ve occasionally seen issues with people who aren’t team players.  In business and in football, success can come down to two things – people that are all on the same page and a leader that’s willing to stand firm. Just like in real estate, when we’re pitching teamwork, we have to make sure that at the end of the day, we have enough of the right people making sure we do the right things. If we don’t, sometimes the coach has to step in. 

Most guys are going to do the right thing, but you can have issues with the 10 % who don’t have good self-discipline.  And the coach needs to deal with those.  Back in Coach Landry’s day, if you were late for a meeting, even if you had a wreck on Central Expressway, you were fined, bottom line. 

Jason Garrett is bringing back the discipline the Cowboys need to be a good team again. It’s obvious that the discipline is translating to results on the field and that’s what’s happening with the Cowboys now.  Kitna has stepped in and has done a nice job, and I can say I’m still a big Tony Romo fan.  It looks like all the momentum is there for next year when Tony comes back.


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