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Great fans coming to Cowboys Stadium

January 28, 2011

So we are only a little over a week out.  Of course I would have preferred to see the Cowboys playing in this year’s Super Bowl, but getting to watch two teams with a great winning tradition will make for a good game. 

Both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers are known for their great fan base.  I remember when Tom Landry was inducted into the Hall of Fame, and the Pittsburgh fans gave him as good an ovation as they did for their guys.  The fans on both sides really love football and love their teams.  They are really good fans.  It’s good for the game to have two teams with such a supportive fan base.

Personally, I would prefer to hand off the Vince Lombardi trophy to Green Bay on February 8th.  It’s nothing personal towards the Steelers; it’s all competitive.  The Steelers are a great winning team.  The Cowboys have played in more Super Bowls, but the Steelers have won more.  Winning the Super Bowl XLV would give them even more of an advantage over the Cowboys, and I have to stay true to my home team. 

I’ve always had such great respect for the Rooney family and those Steelers fans – they are as nice as can be.  Really first-class.  I’m excited to see these two great teams battle it out next weekend.


Giving back this holiday season

December 11, 2010

Today we had the pleasure of hosting lunch for over 200 members of our Armed Forces with the USO out at DFW Airport as they prepared to depart to the Middle East.  Many of the soldiers were travelling with colleagues they didn’t know, so we wanted to make the transition at the airport as easy as possible.  We kept hearing “thank yous” from them, but it was the Jones Lang LaSalle crew that is truly thankful for their service. 

Private First Class Parker was sitting with this family earlier this week in Mississippi celebrating the holiday, and next week he’ll be patrolling the streets near Kandahar in an armored vehicle subject to IED blasts each day.  While we enjoy the holidays with our families, it’s important not to forget soldiers such as Private First Class Parker’s service, sacrifice, and commitment.  I hope Santa will be making a stop in Kandahar this year.

Another major NFL matchup to take place this month

December 3, 2010
Notes from our researcher, Steve Triolet

Double check the schedule all you want, no matter which team is the hottest at the moment, arguably the most important matchup is scheduled to take place in Dallas in mid-December.  That’s win the NFL and the player’s association (NFLPA) will meet to discuss their collective bargaining agreement which will expire in March 2011.  If an agreement is not reached, there is the potential for a lockout next year.

Nobody wants a lockout, but the general consensus in the sports world is that the owners are better prepared for one than the players are (the owners would still receive revenue from television contracts and merchandise sales, while the players don’t have this luxury, and they have limited years to play the game).

The current point of contention between the owners and NFLPA is expanding the regular season to an 18-game schedule (the two extra games would shorten the current pre-season schedule of 4 games to 2).  The union is concerned that the longer season could result in more injuries to players and could potentially shorten their careers.  In November, the NFLPA offered a counter proposal for two bye weeks for each team, to expand each term roster from 53 players to 56 or 57 players, to limit the amount of full contact in training camp, to reduce voluntary off-season workouts, and to reduce the number of years players need to play in the league to become eligible for post-career health benefits.

Outside of this, money is at play.  The owners want the longer season to increase stadium attendance revenue and television viewership revenue, and the players are demanding increased salaries to be prorated for the additional games.

My predictions are that both sides will agree to an 18-game schedule with the two bye weeks, but that the proposal to expand the team roster to 56 or 57 players will be rejected (owners don’t want to pay more players than they already do).  The owners look like they’ll agree to one additional roster spot.   I’m not too sure about training camp and offseason workouts.  Only the players really care one way or another about that issue as it doesn’t directly impact revenue and the average fan doesn’t care how the players prepare for the season – as long as they perform well on the field.

This whole process is sure to take a couple of turns before it’s resolved, and we’ll touch on it again as it progresses.  The possible lockout has potentially very large implications – one could argue that the Dallas Stars are still feeling the impact of the NHL lockout of 2004 – 05.

Super Bowl transportation

November 20, 2010
Notes from our researcher, Steve Triolet

No doubt DFW Airport will see a spike in air traffic leading up to the big event.  Based upon the Super Bowl Committee’s research, it’s estimated that 100,000 of the 150,000 – 200,000 visitors expected for the game will arrive by air. Commercial airlines are expected to carry 96,000 passengers into the Metro area and 4,000 are expected to arrive via private jet.  Of the 200,000 visitors DFW can expect, an estimated 65 percent of the Super Bowl attendees are corporate executives and business leaders (majority of which travel from out-of-town).  And that doesn’t even include those who will be coming in on private jets.
North Texas is served by three public transportation trains – DART (Dallas), The T (Fort Worth) and the DCTA (Denton County).  Each line will provide Super Bowl spectators the opportunity to travel to the stadium with the purchase of a special pass.
…and Automobiles
Recently an Arlington city official announced that it will close major thoroughfares near Cowboys Stadium 10 days prior to the Super Bowl.  Starting January 28, the lanes on the south side of Randol Mill Road will be closed through game day. The lanes on the east side of Collins Street will be closed from January 29 through game day. In addition, the two-way traffic will be redirected to the opposite sides of those roads.
But the game day regulations don’t stop there.  Arlington officials have also taken measurements to reduce “ambush marketing” from January 23 through February 7. This will prevent local retailers and restaurants from putting tents up in their parking lots for food-related promotions or selling Cowboys merchandise.
Open for Discussion:
How do you feel about the transportation issues facing the Metro area during the Super Bowl based upon the increase of visitors?  Will you be affected?

The Cowboys see some change

November 10, 2010

Well, the Cowboys are in a tough place.  It was clear they needed to do something, and this will give them an opening to move forward and to build for next year.  Jason Garrett is a great guy, and he now has an opportunity to see if he can become the coach of the future.  I know he has been with them all along, but being head coach is a much different place to be.  We’ll all be rooting for them to get some wins and regain their footing.

At a loss

November 6, 2010

It’s not often that I get to attend three sporting events in one weekend, but last weekend afforded me the opportunity to attend the Rangers game, Navy game and the Cowboys game.  After suffering a loss at all three games, I decided maybe I should avoid the Mavs so I don’t jinx them too.

I also ran into Jerry Jones at a meeting last week after Tony’s injury.  I offered to suit up for the Thanksgiving game if they needed me.  I’ll just wait for that phone call.

Let’s go Rangers!

October 23, 2010

We all wore our Rangers’ gear today at Jones Lang LaSalle in support of the team.  Let’s finish it off tonight in game six. 

Good luck to Colby Lewis and the Texas Rangers! 

Tony’s fan

October 15, 2010

I’m a big Romo fan and have been for quite a while.  Tony is a big play guy, and you can tell he wants to make plays.  I see him still scrambling when other quarterbacks would have been stopped.  Against the Bears – he threw 51 passes.  Not all were good, but he keeps at it.

People talk about coaching quarterbacks and their style and what works best.  I think you don’t change your DNA as a quarterback; you just get smarter about how you’re doing it.  When I was playing, I ran forward a lot – if I saw the chance for the first down I went for it.  Others scramble more, and there are theories about what works best.   Tony knows what works for him.  Running can be really useful if you know how to use it, and Tony is getting a lot smarter at using it.

I love the Cowboys, and it sure is good to see some other Texas teams doing well.  Good luck to the Rangers on their first ALCS game against the Yankees.

A look at the market – heading into 2011

October 8, 2010

“It’s already the end of the 3rd quarter – and just like the 3rd quarter in football, it is time to see where we stand.  Last week I participated in 2 panel discussions about the market.  One was the 10th Annual North Dallas Chamber of Commerce Real Estate Symposium, and the second was our Jones Lang LaSalle Market Breakfast.  Here are my thoughts.

 Is our local market in recovery yet?  Maybe not quite, but getting pretty close.  In my talk for the North Dallas Chamber I looked at why companies are coming to Texas.  When you compare us to California our pro-business attitude, favorable tax structure and inexpensive housing makes us a clear choice.  That means more businesses locating to Texas, more jobs, more home purchases and greater demand for commercial real estate.  I think we’ll see positive absorption at the end of 2010 which is necessary for our market recovery. 

What submarkets will be strong next year?  We are bullish on Far North Dallas, Las Colinas, Central Expressway, Preston Center and Uptown.  We still see more of a bear market for Richardson/Plano, LBJ Freeway (construction on 635 will hinder this market for a long time), Stemmons Freeway, and the CBD.

We’ll have to see if we stall out at the November elections as people look to see what policy changes there could be for 2011.  There are transactions in the pipeline that have to move forward, but I think it will be 2011 before we see much “new” expansion.”

How about those Cowboys

September 30, 2010

I predicted a win over Houston; in fact I bet on it and won $10.  I originally thought they would be 12 and 4, now maybe I think 11 and 5.  I don’t want to jinx them, but I think the team is really talented.   

It’s not all bad to start slow, especially for a talented team where the expectations are high.  A slow start keeps you from listening to too much of the hype. Starting 0 and 2 you’re still in the hunt, but you know you have to get focused.  I think we saw that in the Houston game…they were fired up, and that game was a much more coordinated effort.  Now, if they’d gone 0 and 3, that’s tougher.  At 0 and 3, players start pointing fingers and blaming each other, and that’s not where you want to be. 

Right now the offensive line is really good, but we need them to stay healthy.  And we’ve got great receivers…Roy Williams is really good, and I think we’ll see him getting a lot better. And we’ve got Miles Austin and Dez Bryant, too.  So, I think we’ll see more great games ahead.