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One month and counting

January 8, 2011

It’s one month and counting until the Big Game, and the activity is already starting to heat up in the new year.  Check back with us on Monday for more news as we take a look back at what happened in real estate in 2010.

And what about that exciting news for the Cowboys announced yesterday?  Maybe 2011 will be their year.


Giving back this holiday season

December 11, 2010

Today we had the pleasure of hosting lunch for over 200 members of our Armed Forces with the USO out at DFW Airport as they prepared to depart to the Middle East.  Many of the soldiers were travelling with colleagues they didn’t know, so we wanted to make the transition at the airport as easy as possible.  We kept hearing “thank yous” from them, but it was the Jones Lang LaSalle crew that is truly thankful for their service. 

Private First Class Parker was sitting with this family earlier this week in Mississippi celebrating the holiday, and next week he’ll be patrolling the streets near Kandahar in an armored vehicle subject to IED blasts each day.  While we enjoy the holidays with our families, it’s important not to forget soldiers such as Private First Class Parker’s service, sacrifice, and commitment.  I hope Santa will be making a stop in Kandahar this year.

Let’s go Rangers!

October 23, 2010

We all wore our Rangers’ gear today at Jones Lang LaSalle in support of the team.  Let’s finish it off tonight in game six. 

Good luck to Colby Lewis and the Texas Rangers! 

The Super Bowl countdown continues

September 16, 2010

Last Friday night we kicked off the weekend with the last of the three Super Bowl concerts at the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington.  To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cowboys, there was a recap of the Cowboys Super Bowl wins with former Cowboys – myself included – speaking with Brad Sham about those past games.  Emmitt Smith was honored as the latest Hall of Fame inductee, and then there was a concert performance by Tim McGraw.  It was hard to tell whether the crowd was there more  for the Cowboys or for the music – but it was a great evening.  We were able to host a good number of military men and women there in appreciation for everything that they have done for our country, and we had a nice crowd of our employees from Jones Lang LaSalle, too.

Emmitt Smith speaking at the event Friday, September 10

Saturday morning my family and I were up with the sun to participate in the 2010 Start! Heart Walk in downtown Dallas. This year I was proud to serve as the Honorary Chair and was able speak to a big crowd about the importance of heart health.  Jones Lang LaSalle helped raise money, and it felt great to see about 50 of our employees walking the streets of Dallas to support such a great cause.

Walking for a cause

August 30, 2010

This year I’m proud that the American Heart Association asked me to serve as Honorary Chair of the 2010 Start! Heart Walk. Physical fitness has always been such a big influence in my life, and I encourage everyone, including our Jones Lang LaSalle employees to take care of their health by participating in wellness programs. I thought the walk was a great way to combine my interests in fitness with JLL’s passion for community service in Dallas. We’ve put together four teams of walkers to fundraise and combat cardiovascular disease.  Come out and join us for a day of family fun that supports a great cause.

Event Details
September 11, 2010
5K Walk
Victory Park at the American Airlines Center
9:00-11:30 a.m.
Click here to join a team or donate online

Follow up to “If I were LeBron James…”

July 9, 2010

LeBron is so good that I still thought Cleveland could have had a championship team with him.  You just have to get the right mix, and they could have done  it.  Maybe not this year, but they could have done it.  I guess now we’ll have to wait to see what happens with Miami.

If I were LeBron James…

July 8, 2010

I would stay with Cleveland.  You have to stay with the town and the fans – it’s his town! 

Tune in tomorrow for more after LeBron James decides which city to call home.

Dallas Cowboys – golf at Cowboys Stadium?

June 14, 2010

I thought you might enjoy the clip that came out of the Sting concert at the Winspear. (Sorry – it’s not Sting)  The video shows a fun golf competition that we had with the 70’s Cowboys versus the 90’s Cowboys in the new stadium.

Click here to see who won the opportunity to introduce Sting at the concert.

The First Pitch of Opening Day

April 6, 2010


Yesterday was opening day out at the Ranger’s ballpark and I threw out the first pitch.  I had gotten some advice from Troy Aikman about throwing off the rubber because Troy really didn’t throw well the year he did it. Throwing from the rubber means you are actually throwing down.  When I threw out the first pitch in San Diego I threw it low then like Troy did.  If I am throwing straight, I’m ok, but I’m not used to being up high. To make sure I got the pitch right, I went out last week out to throw a few in my backyard.  My basketball court is about the same distance – 60 feet 6 inches – so I was using that to get the feel of it. 

Anyway, Opening Day was great and I had a good throw.  However, I did hear that last night on the news Dale Hansen said I did well – but followed the compliment with “and Roger’s about 88 years old”.  He was off by about 20 years but at least I got a good review.

This is just the beginning

March 31, 2010

I know I’m supposed to talk about real estate and football, but I can’t help myself when it comes to the NCAA basketball tournament.  My first college basketball experience was in 1986 when my dad took me to the Final Four at Reunion Arena in Dallas.  We saw the Duke Blue Devils, Louisville Cardinals, LSU Tigers, and Kansas Jayhawks compete.  I fell in love with the Final Four at first sight.

This past weekend my dad and I went to Houston to see my alma mater, Duke, take on the Baylor Bears.  Sitting next to my dad watching John Scheyer, Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith brought back memories of an 11-year-old kid sitting next to his dad watching Johnny Dawkins, Quin Snyder, Danny Ferry, and Tommy Amaker. 

The Final Four is a lot like the Super Bowl.  There’s hype, marketing, high ticket prices, rabid fans, and most importantly, a champion.  Jerry Jones and his team will bring the NCAA Champion to North Texas in 2014.  The 2011 Super Bowl is just the start of what Cowboy Stadium will bring to North Texas and my clients.  Thanks to all the hard work by the team who put together the plans for the stadium, we have a first-class facility to serve the citizens of North Texas for many years.

Jeff Staubach and Roger Staubach at the Elite 8 game March 2010