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NFC Championship game

January 22, 2011
Notes from our researcher, Steve Triolet

The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers have been in the playoffs together only four times, and this year marks the first time they have met in the playoffs since 1941. Seventy years ago, Chicago beat Green Bay 33-14.

In this seasons finale, the Bears could have knocked the Packers out of the NFC Wild Card spot all together by winning. However, the Packers finished with a 10-3 win and clinched a spot in the playoffs in a game that apparently did not matter to Chicago who had already clinched the NFC North.

Now, the Bears and Packers meet on Sunday for a chance to represent the NFC in Super Bowl XLV.


Market expectations and reality

January 14, 2011
Notes from our researcher, Steve Triolet

2010 has come and gone, and like many years, there has been a stark contrast between what we thought was going to happen and what really happened.  This holds true for the Dallas Cowboys 2010 season (with their Super Bowl aspirations before the season began) and for the Dallas office market (which was expected to perform poorly throughout the year).

When I look back at both, there’s one large parallel between the two – they both changed dramatically halfway through.  For the Cowboys, did anyone still have any hope of anything positive happening after a one and seven start?  The coaching change did help, the cowboys didn’t go undefeated thereafter, but they were competitive for the remainder of the season.  For the Dallas office market, things looked relatively bleak at the beginning of 2010.  The recession which, had been slow to hit Dallas in comparison to most parts of the country, was still weighing heavily on the commercial real estate sector. For many in the business world there was a secret fear that the worst for Dallas was still yet to come – that we would be as adversely impacted as the rest of the country, but just at a later date.

Dallas was certainly impacted by the national recession.  At mid-year, the total vacancy rate for Class A & B office product was 24.8 percent and the total net absorption was a negative 914,343 square feet (downsizing by tech companies in the Richardson/Plano area being the largest contributors).  Average asking rental rates were in a steady decline, hovering at $20.72 per square foot (full service gross).

In the second half of the year, however, due to a combination of no new office construction, modest job growth, corporate relocations, and an increase in leasing activity, the market has appeared to have turned the corner.  The total vacancy rate at year-end was 23.6 percent, net absorption for the year was a positive 479,116 square feet and rental rates, though not yet rising on a weighted average basis, have stabilized at $20.34 per square foot.  Rents are actually showing the first signs of increase with a handful of landlords raising their on properties that have seen significant rises in occupancy.  Given all the available facts, things look better for 2011 whether you’re a Cowboys fan or just a member of the Dallas business community.

All about the discipline

December 21, 2010

In my 30-plus years in our business, we’ve occasionally seen issues with people who aren’t team players.  In business and in football, success can come down to two things – people that are all on the same page and a leader that’s willing to stand firm. Just like in real estate, when we’re pitching teamwork, we have to make sure that at the end of the day, we have enough of the right people making sure we do the right things. If we don’t, sometimes the coach has to step in. 

Most guys are going to do the right thing, but you can have issues with the 10 % who don’t have good self-discipline.  And the coach needs to deal with those.  Back in Coach Landry’s day, if you were late for a meeting, even if you had a wreck on Central Expressway, you were fined, bottom line. 

Jason Garrett is bringing back the discipline the Cowboys need to be a good team again. It’s obvious that the discipline is translating to results on the field and that’s what’s happening with the Cowboys now.  Kitna has stepped in and has done a nice job, and I can say I’m still a big Tony Romo fan.  It looks like all the momentum is there for next year when Tony comes back.

The Cowboys see some change

November 10, 2010

Well, the Cowboys are in a tough place.  It was clear they needed to do something, and this will give them an opening to move forward and to build for next year.  Jason Garrett is a great guy, and he now has an opportunity to see if he can become the coach of the future.  I know he has been with them all along, but being head coach is a much different place to be.  We’ll all be rooting for them to get some wins and regain their footing.

At a loss

November 6, 2010

It’s not often that I get to attend three sporting events in one weekend, but last weekend afforded me the opportunity to attend the Rangers game, Navy game and the Cowboys game.  After suffering a loss at all three games, I decided maybe I should avoid the Mavs so I don’t jinx them too.

I also ran into Jerry Jones at a meeting last week after Tony’s injury.  I offered to suit up for the Thanksgiving game if they needed me.  I’ll just wait for that phone call.

The ‘Boys are bigger off the field

October 27, 2010

Notes from our researcher, Steve Triolet
The NFL is big business; big names and big plays generate even bigger revenues. The league pulls revenue from numerous sources including television contracts, ticket sales and team merchandising. But, only one team can be “America’s Team” and The Dallas Cowboys have earned the nickname.  The ‘Boys have won five Super Bowl championships, 10 conference championships, 10 division championships and 11 players who have been named to the Pro Bowl Hall of Fame.

However, off the field is where the team truly shines (especially in recent years). In early 2010, Bandera Ventures completed a build-to-suit distribution facility for Dallas Cowboys Merchandising. The consolidation and expansion took them from two facilities to one 400,000 SF location at 2500 Regent Boulevard in Irving. Previously they occupied a 100,000 SF distribution facility and a 44,000 SF headquarters at 4251 W. John Carpenter Freeway.  They were able to complete the expansion because they are the only NFL team to design/market/distribute its own merchandise and their sales are virtually unbeaten.  Since 1979 when the NFL began tracking data, The Dallas Cowboys have consistently been among the fop five teams in merchandise sales. In 2009, Forbes magazine estimated that Tony Romo’s jersey was the most popular jersey in the U.S. with over half a million pieces sold! The Dallas Cowboys are also the only NFL franchise with their own retail chain dedicated exclusively to their own merchandise. Opened in 1996, the mall chain now has 35 retail locations throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. In addition, the apparel can be purchased at over 700 retail outlets in the U.S., including Dillard’s, JC Penney and Academy Sports.

Tony’s fan

October 15, 2010

I’m a big Romo fan and have been for quite a while.  Tony is a big play guy, and you can tell he wants to make plays.  I see him still scrambling when other quarterbacks would have been stopped.  Against the Bears – he threw 51 passes.  Not all were good, but he keeps at it.

People talk about coaching quarterbacks and their style and what works best.  I think you don’t change your DNA as a quarterback; you just get smarter about how you’re doing it.  When I was playing, I ran forward a lot – if I saw the chance for the first down I went for it.  Others scramble more, and there are theories about what works best.   Tony knows what works for him.  Running can be really useful if you know how to use it, and Tony is getting a lot smarter at using it.

I love the Cowboys, and it sure is good to see some other Texas teams doing well.  Good luck to the Rangers on their first ALCS game against the Yankees.

How about those Cowboys

September 30, 2010

I predicted a win over Houston; in fact I bet on it and won $10.  I originally thought they would be 12 and 4, now maybe I think 11 and 5.  I don’t want to jinx them, but I think the team is really talented.   

It’s not all bad to start slow, especially for a talented team where the expectations are high.  A slow start keeps you from listening to too much of the hype. Starting 0 and 2 you’re still in the hunt, but you know you have to get focused.  I think we saw that in the Houston game…they were fired up, and that game was a much more coordinated effort.  Now, if they’d gone 0 and 3, that’s tougher.  At 0 and 3, players start pointing fingers and blaming each other, and that’s not where you want to be. 

Right now the offensive line is really good, but we need them to stay healthy.  And we’ve got great receivers…Roy Williams is really good, and I think we’ll see him getting a lot better. And we’ve got Miles Austin and Dez Bryant, too.  So, I think we’ll see more great games ahead.

The value of teamwork

August 21, 2010

Preseason is in full swing, and I’m thinking back to when I was out at Valley Ranch earlier this summer to do an interview.  Wade Phillips called me over to speak to the team after practice and I was a little shocked.  A bunch of young guys were listening to an old guy on the practice field in 100 degree weather, and I was kind of on the spot for what to tell them.  I felt like the atmosphere reminded me of our 1971 team, so I told them a story about the importance of teamwork; it’s one of the same ones I tell our employees at Jones Lang LaSalle.  We had a great team and had the right things at the beginning of the year, but we got off to a slow start and weren’t really playing together like we should.  Right in the middle of the year we figured it out and started putting our personal agendas secondary to the big agenda and won 10 games in a row…and won the Super Bowl.  I had a few seconds to try and get that message to the players.  It’s important to have the right people in the right places pulling together to make miracles happen.  Then, I walked down the field and started throwing some footballs with Miles Austin.  I had a good time.  I’m really pulling for the Cowboys this year.  Later, I told Marianne that when I was talking with the team I was sure no one was listening.  That night I saw it on the news, and a couple of guys said they listened to Mr. Staubach talk about how we have to pull it together and that’s what we have to do.  And I said, Holy Cow they actually listened.  It’s the beginning of a fun time again.  Everybody is getting ready for the upcoming season, and we want to follow the season in our blog.

Dallas Cowboys – golf at Cowboys Stadium?

June 14, 2010

I thought you might enjoy the clip that came out of the Sting concert at the Winspear. (Sorry – it’s not Sting)  The video shows a fun golf competition that we had with the 70’s Cowboys versus the 90’s Cowboys in the new stadium.

Click here to see who won the opportunity to introduce Sting at the concert.