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Predicting the Super Bowl champ by square feet not yardage!

February 3, 2011

Here’s a little peek at a fun news release that went out yesterday regarding Super Bowl XLV.  Read about our brilliant idea of predicting this Sunday’s champ by looking at historical vacancy rates over the past 10 years in the opposing teams’ hometowns.  It was picked up by the Wall Street Journal in yesterday’s Plots and Ploys. 

Here’s the story as it appeared in the Wall Street Journal 

Wall Street Journal
Plots and Ploys

Reading the CRE Leaves

Like many Americans, Roger Staubach thinks he knows who will win the Super Bowl. Like not so many Americans, Mr. Staubach says his analysis is based on comparative office-building vacancies in Green Bay and Pittsburgh.

“You can mark my word: the Packers will prevail,” says Mr. Staubach, who led the Dallas Cowboys to two Super Bowl victories in the 1970s and later became a real-estate tycoon.

Mr. Staubach’s word was relayed in a press release by Jones Lang LaSalle Inc., the commercial-real-estate brokerage where he serves as executive chairman of the Americas. The company says that teams based in cities with a higher percentage of vacant office space have won the Super Bowl “nearly two-thirds of the time since 2000.”

That trend would hand the title to the Packers of Green Bay, Wisc., (office vacancy: 18.9%) over the Steelers of Pittsburgh (office vacancy: 12.1%).

Jeremy Kronman, a broker in Pittsburgh for Jones Lang LaSalle rival CB Richard Ellis Group Inc., wasn’t impressed with his competitor’s forecast. His reasoning for why the Steelers will win: Some of the healthiest office markets in the country—New York City, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh—are also home to three of the most successful Super Bowl teams.

—Anton Troianovski


At a loss

November 6, 2010

It’s not often that I get to attend three sporting events in one weekend, but last weekend afforded me the opportunity to attend the Rangers game, Navy game and the Cowboys game.  After suffering a loss at all three games, I decided maybe I should avoid the Mavs so I don’t jinx them too.

I also ran into Jerry Jones at a meeting last week after Tony’s injury.  I offered to suit up for the Thanksgiving game if they needed me.  I’ll just wait for that phone call.

The Super Bowl countdown continues

September 16, 2010

Last Friday night we kicked off the weekend with the last of the three Super Bowl concerts at the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington.  To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cowboys, there was a recap of the Cowboys Super Bowl wins with former Cowboys – myself included – speaking with Brad Sham about those past games.  Emmitt Smith was honored as the latest Hall of Fame inductee, and then there was a concert performance by Tim McGraw.  It was hard to tell whether the crowd was there more  for the Cowboys or for the music – but it was a great evening.  We were able to host a good number of military men and women there in appreciation for everything that they have done for our country, and we had a nice crowd of our employees from Jones Lang LaSalle, too.

Emmitt Smith speaking at the event Friday, September 10

Saturday morning my family and I were up with the sun to participate in the 2010 Start! Heart Walk in downtown Dallas. This year I was proud to serve as the Honorary Chair and was able speak to a big crowd about the importance of heart health.  Jones Lang LaSalle helped raise money, and it felt great to see about 50 of our employees walking the streets of Dallas to support such a great cause.

Walking for a cause

August 30, 2010

This year I’m proud that the American Heart Association asked me to serve as Honorary Chair of the 2010 Start! Heart Walk. Physical fitness has always been such a big influence in my life, and I encourage everyone, including our Jones Lang LaSalle employees to take care of their health by participating in wellness programs. I thought the walk was a great way to combine my interests in fitness with JLL’s passion for community service in Dallas. We’ve put together four teams of walkers to fundraise and combat cardiovascular disease.  Come out and join us for a day of family fun that supports a great cause.

Event Details
September 11, 2010
5K Walk
Victory Park at the American Airlines Center
9:00-11:30 a.m.
Click here to join a team or donate online

The value of teamwork

August 21, 2010

Preseason is in full swing, and I’m thinking back to when I was out at Valley Ranch earlier this summer to do an interview.  Wade Phillips called me over to speak to the team after practice and I was a little shocked.  A bunch of young guys were listening to an old guy on the practice field in 100 degree weather, and I was kind of on the spot for what to tell them.  I felt like the atmosphere reminded me of our 1971 team, so I told them a story about the importance of teamwork; it’s one of the same ones I tell our employees at Jones Lang LaSalle.  We had a great team and had the right things at the beginning of the year, but we got off to a slow start and weren’t really playing together like we should.  Right in the middle of the year we figured it out and started putting our personal agendas secondary to the big agenda and won 10 games in a row…and won the Super Bowl.  I had a few seconds to try and get that message to the players.  It’s important to have the right people in the right places pulling together to make miracles happen.  Then, I walked down the field and started throwing some footballs with Miles Austin.  I had a good time.  I’m really pulling for the Cowboys this year.  Later, I told Marianne that when I was talking with the team I was sure no one was listening.  That night I saw it on the news, and a couple of guys said they listened to Mr. Staubach talk about how we have to pull it together and that’s what we have to do.  And I said, Holy Cow they actually listened.  It’s the beginning of a fun time again.  Everybody is getting ready for the upcoming season, and we want to follow the season in our blog.

Being an ex-football player working in real estate

July 16, 2010

Being a former football player is an icebreaker – it’s a commonality I have with people.  If they are over 35, they might remember me playing, especially if they are Cowboys fans. 

The thing a lot of people don’t realize is how long I have been in the real estate field – 40 years, which is much longer than I played football. I started working for Henry S. Miller here in Dallas in the off-season when I was still a back-up quarterback.  In those days, they did not pay football players near what they do now.  We already had 3 little girls (3, 4 and 8 years old), and I needed to work to earn money.  I have often thought that was a blessing.  Lots of the athletes today don’t have to work – and if I had been single I might not have had to.  But you can’t play golf everyday.  You’ve got to be doing something – and investing and building in something. 

When I started at Henry S. Miller, they gave me a key and a phone.   I would make calls and try to get something done, but being the backup quarterback of the Cowboys does not give you credibility in real estate.  So, I learned how to work with the right people in the company and use my strength, which was calling, and their strengths, understanding the complexity of the deal.  The longer you are involved in it, the more credibility you have.  If I had not started when I did, it would have been a lot harder for me once I was retired.  It would have been starting from scratch.

Next week I’ll discuss more about how Jones Lang LaSalle is doing now, 2 years post merger.

Nostalgia at the Cotton Bowl

June 25, 2010

I recently attended the dedication of the Tom Landry Super Bowl Highway at the Cotton Bowl , and  it went great.  It brought back a lot of memories of old times.  Alicia Landry was there.  I gave her a big hug and talked with her about the old days.  Tony Dorsett was also there along with four or five other players.  It was a big deal – that’s the Cotton Bowl.  The first game I ever played as a Cowboy was at the Cotton Bowl in 1969 when Craig Morton was hurt in the opening game of the year.  I was a rookie and started the game against the St. Louis Cardinals.  Fortunately, we won, and I threw my first touchdown to Lance Rentzel.  Because we won,  I was able to hang around.  If we had lost that game, they probably would have  gotten rid of me.  The Cotton Bowl was the beginning of the Cowboys, so it was great to be out there again and relive old memories.

Dallas Cowboys – golf at Cowboys Stadium?

June 14, 2010

I thought you might enjoy the clip that came out of the Sting concert at the Winspear. (Sorry – it’s not Sting)  The video shows a fun golf competition that we had with the 70’s Cowboys versus the 90’s Cowboys in the new stadium.

Click here to see who won the opportunity to introduce Sting at the concert.

Who is the Host Committee?

May 26, 2010

I’ve already talked about the Super Bowl Bid Committee, but what happened next?  Once North Texas was selected to host the game, it became the job of the Host Committee to take over.  It includes many of the original bid committee members, but the Host Committee is much larger.  Most cities in the past have had about 50 people and business leaders on the Committee.    We all wanted this to be much more inclusive than previous Host Committees, so the North Texas Host Committee ended up with approximately 250 business and government leaders, people from education, transportation, and others from across the region.  We wanted our Super Bowl to be a vehicle telling everyone about how great the whole North Texas region is.  Bill Lively says the game is going to be played on the 50 yard line of I-30 – with Dallas and Fort Worth as the end zones. 

The Committee also has within it special committees such as the Legislative Committee, Volunteer Services, and the Mayor’s Council.  The good thing is that these are not just honorary members. The attendance at Committee meetings averages 216 people – so it is a big, active group.

As part of the whole year of activity, the second concert in our series was this past weekend at the Winspear.  I got to introduce Sting, I reminded myself not to say “Stung”, and it was a great show – just like the Faith Hill concert was at Bass Hall.  I heard we had been trying to get Erica Badu, but apparently her shooting schedule was too busy!

Why the Super Bowl came to North Texas (part 3)

May 3, 2010

Why did we win? The first reason for winning was Jerry Jones.  Jerry is very influential with all the owners, and he has become one of the strong voices of the league.  He has stood firm with the media and he understands the value of the NFL and how to translate that value into more income.

Secondly, the new stadium.  We were not going to get the game here without a covered stadium.  Not only did we get the new, really fantastic venue, but it can accommodate more people.  The NFL gets all the money from ticket sales, so the more tickets sold the greater the benefit to the NFL.  I think we saw from the NBA All-Star game what a great stadium it is.

And third, the North Texas region.  The committee had a great pitch involving the whole North Texas area, not just Dallas or Fort Worth.  The stadium is in Arlington, so all the area municipalities will be involved.  It was a true regional pitch.  North Texas is football country, afterall.